September 28, 2018 RobertSmithThrillers has expanded to a new site: Patreon. Patreon is a fantastic platform that allows writers, bloggers, and various artists to share their work with fans and public. The site helps to promote interest and support for a creator's work. I look forward to regularly writing new material and sharing it with …

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Traditional Publishing?

After writing my first book, I spent many hours learning about publishing. The new world of e-publishing offers so many options. Since I enjoy visual arts, putting together a cover was a fun exercise. Learning how to format my manuscript for the many available options wasn't too difficult. Before too long, my book was available …

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Book Marketing Tools #1

Build Your Author Platform with the Easy Hub and Spoke System via Confused about your author platform, why you need it, and how to build it? Lucky for you, author Carmen Amato makes it easy for you in this guest post. She shows you exactly what you need to do to build your platform. …

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How to Write a Query Letter that Makes Agents and Editors Swoon

Excellent post Michael, thank you for sharing. I’m going to try and spread it a little further.
All the best!

Michael Cristiano

This is a response to my earlier post called Why Your Query Letter is Making Agents and Editors Cringe. I’m so meta, right?

Writing a query letter is an art, they say. What they really mean is that it’s really gosh-darn hard. It seems that everyone and their sister thinks they can write a query letter, but out in the real world, it fails. Miserably.

That’s what happened to me. I thought writing a query letter was easy. I composed one in a couple hours and unleashed it onto the world. Little did I know, it was crap and yielded no return. It wasn’t until I joined the Absolute Write and participated in their forum that I was able to learn how to write a query letter properly.

Now, I shall bestow my knowledge upon you.

Step One: Write a Manuscript

A given, right? Wrong. I am a big advocate that writers complete…

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Increasing Your Readership

From the Leeland Artra interview on Intro He’s a software engineer by day and a science fiction and fantasy writer by night. His most notable works include Thread Slivers and Thread Strands from the Golden Threads trilogy. Both books have been a consistent feature in various top 100 Amazon lists. However, it’s his marketing …

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31 Steps to Mastering WordPress

Are you ready to become a WordPress ninja? by Tom Ewer For the well-initiated, WordPress a pretty intuitive Content Management System (CMS). Those of us who have been using it for a while can get around it with ease. But cast your mind back to when you were a beginner. I distinctly remember being rather …

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5 Steps to Building a Better Blog by Derek Halpern How can you take your blog from zero to hero? Follow these 5 simple steps and you’re set. How do I know? Zero to hero rhymes. Sort of. And if it rhymes, it must be true! (Case in point: no pain… no gain) Step 1: …

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Starting Your Next Book Build? This Could Help.

How To Use Scrivener To Write A Book via Natasha Lester @ Scrivener is the best writing tool I have ever come across. I credit it with helping me to write faster, with causing me less writing stress, with helping me plan out a book more than I would ordinarily and with making the …

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If you are following a lot of people in Twitter, you should know about--and be using this feature by Kim Siever | via Did you know that Twitter has had a key feature for over 5 years now that is crucial for managing a content stream populated by large numbers of followed users? Did you …