What Lies!

I have some exciting updates! I completed What Lies Within, edited it, edited it, edited it (mowed, mulched, and raked), and then ran it through some beta-readers. It's ready 🙂 Last month I signed with an agent who I had been talking with for a while. It's a fantastic agency based in the U.K. and …

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Who was Ty Cobb?

Best hitter of his era, if not of all time. Has a career batting average of .367. Batted under .320 only once in his career. Batted over .400 three times. Won 12 batting titles, including 9 in a row from 1907 thru 1915. Third all time in stolen bases with 892. Second in runs scored …

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One of the greatest

Yes, he's a prick, but he sure can hit. God Almighty, that man can hit! --Babe Ruth, as quoted in The Sporting News (12 July 1950) Ty Cobb is one of the great natural forces of Baseball. He is testament to how far you can get simply through will. --John Thorn He was the strangest …

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Absolutely true. Let’s start today off as Truth-Telling-Tuesday!
If one is not careful–Karma might run over one’s Dogma.

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Things have a way of coming back around to bite you. Maybe you think that you’ve got away with something, But in time, whether inflicted upon you or your future family, karma will kick you in the butt. There is a common saying that states ” what goes around comes around.” It is so important to think things through BEFORE you do it, because it could save you a lot in the future!

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WHO WON? (Quick Poll)

Last night was an important deadline for many. Blood, sweat and tears, brought many close--and some to success. How did you fair?