About (Who?)


Robert Smith (A.K.A. TyCobbsTeeth) hails from Prince Edward Island (off Canada’s east coast).
On this small island, ocean waves drive hard against red cliffs. So, with fears that the sandstone island might soon melt into the Atlantic, Robert finished his studies in Information Technology and moved to Canada’s capital.

Robert has worked in network design, administration and security. He also flipped burgers, waited tables, and blended drinks for an orange guy named Julius (not that any of that matters). Now, he manages a digital forensics team, supporting investigations (during the day), and writes.

This author writes thrillers (psychological, suspense, crime and horror). Pick one up if you like that sort of thing.

And visit www.RobertSmithThrillers.ca for the latest news.


Stay Hungry,
Robert Smith

What’s with that pen name?

Robert came up with the pseudonym, ‘TyCobbsTeeth’ after reading a story back in 1999. A woman named Karen Shemonsky bought the dentures of Ty Cobb, a former Major League Baseball center-fielder, at a Sotheby’s auction for $7,475. The bizarre purchase inspired him to read up on Cobb–who he learned was arguably the greatest baseball player of all time. Because his goal was to write stories with real bite, he felt that the moniker fit.
Since he published Society for Supper in 2015, he met the sports expert from Sotheby’s auction house–the guy who sold Ty Cobb’s dentures to Karen Shemonsky! David Goodwillie reached out to him through GoodReads after reading his author profile; how awesome is that?

191 thoughts on “About (Who?)

  1. Congrads on your writings. I too have written a few books and got them published. It is a rush to the emotion glands to do so. I have them on Amazon. One is a serial killer novel called the record killer. Let me know if you wish me to put the first chapter on my blog so you can preview it. Take care and keep writing.

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    1. Good morning Awax. It is truly a good feeling, especially to get positive feedback on something you’ve written. I agree. Congrats on your work as well. Thank you so much for your offer, I would really appreciate that, and extend the same offer to you.

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  2. Jamie G


    I checked out your ebook. From the blurb it looks like a high quality ebook. If you are interested in some real promotion and exposure for your book , I have a few offers for you. Email me at pluxedo AT gmail.com if you are interested in screenshots and samples.

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    I can also create (and maintain) an Instagram account for your author name or book name.

    If you need any other service, let me know.

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  3. Thanks very much for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy lots of entertaining writing and the wide variety of music. I usually post once a week. Please feel free to add comments. If it’s been a while since you visited come on over and see what’s new! Good luck with all your projects. Regards Thom.

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  4. Hi Thanks for visiting and following my blog. There is also an english version at: enviroart.wordpress.com if you prefer but it is not a straight translation of the french version. Love your take on things !

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  5. Your quotes – keep them coming, they’re great – reminded me of Jeanette Winterspoon (British writer) who had a Christian Fundamentalist mother who baned books in the house because, she said, “You never know what’s in a book until it’s too late.”

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  6. Hi! Love your quotes and happy you liked my take on Alice Munro. I especially like her idea that a story is not like a ‘road’ but like a ‘house’. I also love W Somerset Maugham although he’s very unfashionable at the moment. I revisit his stories often. I like the idea of one writer (me) sitting at his desk sweating a bit (I live on a tropical island) communicating with another writer (you) trying, probably, to stay warm. Aint technology grand!

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    1. Thanks Michael, I appreciate your feedback. I tropical island? Wow, that sounds great. I’m in Canada and were in summer now, but just out from under a pretty horrific winter. Maybe I’ll come visit you next winter!

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