Starting Your Next Book Build? This Could Help.

Scrivener is the best writing tool I have ever come across. I credit it with helping me to write faster, with causing me less writing stress, with helping me plan out a book more than I would ordinarily and with making the writing process a lot more joyful and relaxing. Here are my Scrivener Tutorials.

Scrivener Tutorial: Create an Outline For Your Book

Scrivener’s outliner can look a bit daunting at first but here I take you through how to use it step by step. It’s a great tool for plotters and pantsers alike!

Scrivener Quick Tips: Using the Name Generator

Scrivener’s Name Generator makes finding a name of your character quick and easy. It will take you about one minute to generate a list of up to 500 names to choose from! Here’s how.

Why Scrivener Is The Best Writing Tool

If you’re a chaotic writer like me, Scrivener will help you bring order to the chaos—you can check it out here. At a single glance, Scrivener’s cork board allows you to view, move and organise all of your scenes.

How To Use Scrivener To Write A Book in 5 Easy Steps by Author Natasha Lester

Scrivener’s Word Count Feature Is Truly Motivating

Have trouble reaching word targets? Watching the word count bar slide along as you write in Scrivener is a BIG motivator. I always beat my word target when I write in Scrivener. Sound appealing? Check out how you can use it here.

Editing In Scrivener Is A Breeze

Do you hate cutting and pasting entire scenes when you edit in Word? Do you hate having to scroll through your Word doc to find a scene you need to edit? If you had a way to move scenes with a simple drag and drop, wouldn’t that encourage you to try lots of new possibilities for your book? Well let me introduce you to editing in Scrivener

Scrivener’s Brand New Tool Scapple Helps You Brainstorm Story Ideas

If you think brainstorming your story is something you would do more of if only you had a tool to help, then check out my latest hot writing tool here. And, guess what? It integrates with Scrivener so you can keep your writing and your brainstorming together, building on each as you get further into the story.

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