Breakfast is Severed – Part#3

Any thoughts he had of running in to grab a few things were dashed by the fire’s progression. The red sea had now crashed over the shoreline and was washing against the back of his house. As he stood across the street from his place, David realized this was the last time he would be …

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Breakfast is Severed – Part#2

David was out the back door and across the lawn, so fast his feet barely touched the grass. He had Curly scooped up and was heading, top speed, between the houses for the street. By the time he hit the sidewalk, sirens could be heard in the distance. His sock feet, soaking wet from the …

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Breakfast is Severed – Part#1

WHILE THUMBING THROUGH A MESSAGE ON HIS cell phone, David Cameron bit into his freshly toasted bagel. The crisp edge gave way to warm chewy dough. The mug, making its way to David Cameron’s mouth, stopped. He rolled his eyes. It was a message from his boss, and it was alerting him to a crisis. …

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WIN a Signed First Edition Paperback Thriller

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The Storm is Upon Us…Who Will Survive?

FREE this weekend -- SOCIETY for SUPPER at Amazon Wide spread drought has gripped the planet and devastated food supplies around the world. Riots have started breaking out as chaos is tearing away at the fabric of society. Ben Donnelly, a former special weapons and tactics officer with the Boston police force, is in for …

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