Punchy Book Reviews

I like to read concise book reviews that are specific and don’t contain spoilers. Answer a few questions for me and be done.

What did you like about the book; did you dislike anything? Be balanced. No book is all good or all bad.

Tell me about the writing, the storyline, and characters. Were the developed well? Were they believable? And let’s keep it on the writing—don’t tell me how you feel about the writer.

What makes a book review useful for you?

7 thoughts on “Punchy Book Reviews

    1. I hear you, Ronnie.
      I’ve been turned off by writing styles as well. If it’s difficult to read (too many characters, too much jumping around, too technical, too slow…) it ends up in the started-but-not-finished graveyard-stack beside my bed.


  1. I completely agree. I don’t like it when a book I’m going to read gets spoiled by a lengthy, tell-all review, and I don’t like when people ruin my novel for other readers by revealing to much in a review. I once had someone literally tell my entire story in a review – at least they were kind enough to mark it for spoilers.

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