What Lies!

I have some exciting updates!

I completed What Lies Within, edited it, edited it, edited it (mowed, mulched, and raked), and then ran it through some beta-readers. It’s ready 🙂

Last month I signed with an agent who I had been talking with for a while. It’s a fantastic agency based in the U.K. and headed by Keith Chawgo. They specialize in horror and psychological thrillers, in fact, they’re the only international horror literary agency.

The MediaBitch™ Literary Agency was founded with a vision to get dark fiction books into the marketplace, books to scare and horrify the reader and to imbed themselves into the human psyche. Books can change the individual from the inside out and individual consciousness can transform the world.

My experience working with the close-knit community of MBLA staff and authors has been amazing, it’s a family and I feel privileged to be a part of it. Debbie Lyon, who is the MBLA literary agent in my Canadian neck-of-the-woods, has been a pleasure to work with. MBLA will be shopping What Lies Within to publishers and we will hopefully get a bite.

My focus now is on continuing the What Lies! series, and have begun book 2, What Lies Become.

Onward and upward!

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