Breaking Me In


It’s been a week since my wife’s fateful fall. If you have ever witnessed someone you love, experience excruciating pain, I sympathize with you. Being unable to prevent what happened and being helpless to repair the damage or ease the pain was one of my most difficult trials.

Once the long hospital adventure was behind us, her situation was still painful and arduous — with a long, challenging road ahead. Those of you who have travelled such a road, or along side someone who has, know that the journey weighs as heavily on ones mental fortitude as it does their physical perseverance.

For a fearsomely independent woman who insists on doing everything for herself and as much for others as her time allows, the first two days were unimaginable. Her determination not to succumb, ultimately led to her fledging crutch prowess and an exhausted hopping leg giving out. And it was the second fall, resulting in a broken toe on the other foot, which caused her eventual capitulation.

Since that time, my life, our lives, have changed — morphed into something unrecognizable. When you spend years wearing the paths of your routines into deep grooves, you imagine it that it might take significant effort to heave yourself out of those trenches and cut new pathways, but necessity and the human ability for adaptation is fascinating.

I love my wife and I would do anything for her. In truth it’s nice, for a change, to have her accept my help however; for the foreseeable future, this means that I will blog less, read less, and write less, but I will adapt to my new role and duties. I am finding efficiencies that have allowed time, although short, to squeeze in the things I love to do –thus this entry.

I guess that means I’m winning 😉

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