Breakfast is Severed – Part#6

“David? Where are you? Are you okay?”

“Yeah babe, I’m good. We’re good. I’ve got Curly with me up on Truman. There was a fire.”

“I know” Jessie cut in. “I just heard it on the news. I’m on my way over.”

She did not live far so, David stood up and looked north on Truman just in time to see her car rounding the bend.

He brought her up to speed on the way to his work; describing how fast the fire had snuck up on them, how Curly had tried to put the run to it and how it had devoured his house–his home.

After clearing the base gates, they pulled up outside his building. Jessie said she would head back to her place to get Frank. She would take the two pooches for a walk at the dog park. It had been a while since they were there.

“I’ll be back to get you at five. I guess that’s seventeen-hundred-hours your time soldier.” she said smiling.

He said there was a good chance he would be late, but he would call her to let her know.

David got out of the car, turned back and leaned in. “Thanks. I mean really; thanks babe.” He forced his stressed face into a smile. “You’re the best Jess, I really appreciate this.”

“Love you.” she said smiling back.

“Love you too.”

David walked into Chief Richards’ outer office where Peg, the Chief’s assistant, was on the phone and looking frazzled. She glanced up and waved him in, but kept the receiver pressed to her head.

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