Breakfast is Severed – Part#5

David, an Information Technology Specialist for the Army’s 7th Signal Command reported to Telecommunications Operations Chief, Doug Richards.

Chief Richards, as an Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 was responsible for all base systems and communications as well as support for all domestic Army units from corps to battalion.

Under Chief Richards’s command, David was mandated with ensuring all computer networks and systems on the base were purring like kittens. He normally ran everything from his office and did so with effectiveness and efficiency.

“C’mon Curly, let’s go, double-time!”

David picked up his sock feet, broke into a jog and led his pup around the corner and up the hill, weaving through bodies until they got to the top of Maple Hill Drive. This is where Maple Hill intersected with Truman Boulevard, five blocks from his house and where the closest bus stop was located. Glancing back down the hill he could see everyone else slowly plodding their way. He took a seat, pulled out his phone and called Jessie’s cell phone.

He had been seeing Jessie for six months which was the longest relationship he’d had–besides Curly. David was twenty and Jessie was twelve years older than that. The guys at work bugged him about having a mother fetish. Who knows, maybe there was something to that since he hooked up with her a year after his mom died, but he didn’t care–he loved Jessie. He met her at the dog park while she was out walking her pooch, Frank, a female miniature dachshund. Their dogs got to playing and they got to talking. Her perfume intoxicated him, but it was her sense of humor that really hooked David.

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