Thoughts on Reading

Have you ever read a book and were so taken by it that when you finished, you felt that life would never feel right until everyone else had read that book too?


16 thoughts on “Thoughts on Reading

  1. I saw this and couldn’t help laughing. When I was in college, the first time that is, I forced my fiance to read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. He did not have the time and WAS NOT thrilled about me pestering him like a five year old. I did not care. 🙂 He read it, loved it, and all was right in the world.

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  2. The Sparrow is currently that one for me. I almost started reading it again as soon as I finished, and I had the worst/best book hangover I’ve had in awhile. Now I check in with my mom and several other folks to see if they have read it yet. (They haven’t. *shakes fist at sky*)

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