BRANDING BASICS: logo or graphic element

To build a brand you need to start with a visual identifier — something that if not now, someday will be readily associated with you or your business.

If you haven’t already, start now — choose an image, a graphic, an icon, and start building your brand.

If you’re already using WordPress, this article by timethrief will help get you started.

Gravatars as Branding Tools

A Gravatar image is universally associated with your web presence and it’s a very powerful branding tool. Register a Gravatar and add links to your Gravatar profile page that describe your brand and where you can be found in the digital world so your brand is easy to follow.

Did you know that your account has always been a account? It’s true.

Gravatars are Globally Recognized Avatars integrated into WordPress that appear beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Gravatars help identify your posts on blogs, social networks, wikis and forums by distinguishing you from other users. When you have a account, that automatically gives you access to a Gravatar account at Dashboard > Users > My Profile.



Here are links to the guide for uploading, replacing or removing your Gravatar and  associating multiple email addresses to a Gravatar and Gravatar hovercards. You can replace the generic Gravatar image with the image of your choice quickly. But do be sure to take the time complete all the fields on your Gravatar profile page, and to maintain a professional appearance at all times, keep that page up to date.

gravatar profile

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