It’s A Good Day

I was in a lull, I guess. I’d come down form the high I felt from finally receiving, in my hands, the actually product of my labor. The paperback copies landed on my step. It really didn’t take long for the crash to start, but I turned it around–with the start of my next book. I’m excited again. This is the part I love–the writing.


9 thoughts on “It’s A Good Day

  1. Your joy in publishing is helping to renew my drive to write. I have a book I have been working on FOREVER, but my schedule is too hectic to be able to give it significant time. I am feeling the itch pretty heavy… So thanks.

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    1. Thanks Emilio, Sorry to hear that. There is always reading, which I love to do, and if that feels too much like work — you’ve got the wrong book 😉 It’s easy to put that one down and pick another one up 🙂
      Hey, if you’re looking for a new book to read, I have a suggestion for you.
      Thanks Emilio!

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