Progress Feels Good

Day One of NaNoWriMo is almost behind us. October’s apprehension, anxiousness, and anticipation all crashed into each other at the 11:59 starting-line –and waited. Halloween was a good distraction –it may be my favorite day of the year, but this year was different, I almost couldn’t wait to get it behind me. You see –this is my first NaNoWriMo –this is my first novel –this is epic for me. All my emotions had balled up into a fervor, a fervor that couldn’t be released until 12:01AM.

Well, at 12:01 I started, and all my planning paid off. I typed for hours, I ate, I typed for hours, I showered, I typed for hours.

Today I wrote over nine thousand words. Things flowed so well. I can’t wait to get back at it, but for now –sleep.

A fogginess has overtaken me and I can barely see the letters that I’m typing.

Day two starts in a few hours, so for a few hours I will sleep.

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