Late Night Bites!

With a push of one finger, the button depressed, clicked, and popped back out. The bright glow from the monitor was sucked into blackness, leaving a few flickers on my retina, like flashes from a camera. Feeling defeated, I stood from my desk and shuffled slowly through the darkness, leaving the hum–from the hard drive spinning down, behind me. My groping hands and probing feet, led my blind eyes for several steps until my foot found the edge of the rug. From the rug I was easily able to navigate my way to the side of the bed.

I drew the heavy blanket over my weary body, already succumbing to its magical warmth, I chastised myself for not sticking it out. Once my eyes closed, and a glorious wave of sleep swept over me, an idea formed in my mind. It was a scene for my novel. It was the one I was struggling with, but mmmm, I was so comfortable–so damn comfortable. Failing to convince myself that I would remember it in the morning, I fought my way out of the glorious embrace, which my bed had me in, and found my way to the desk. That is where I put thought to paper, and then congratulated myself on the way back to bed. Once there, I found that warm hug to be even more inviting than before, and settled in quickly.

Ahhh, what a glorious sleep –it would have been, if my mind had of let me rest. No less than four more times did I pull myself out, to jot a note, before realizing it was 3:30 in the morning.

I slept then for an hour –before my morning routine.

Today I sit weary, for sleep left unpaid,

Today more cheery, for the progress I made,

Now armed with notes, from my slumbering thoughts,

Dark thunder clouds build, for two brutal attacks,

For it’s almost time, for the epic climax.

13 thoughts on “Late Night Bites!

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  2. obzervashunal

    Excellent! Your brain sounds like my brain until I started listening to it’s writing prompts a bit more often. Not that I don’t occasionally forget…

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  3. I love this! Its so me. Everytime you get comfy your brain is like oops sorry I forgot to tell this AMAZING thing, you better go write it down. You described it so well. Lovely lovely lovely post! 🙂 Keep it up! x x


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